You can call me LDI. I am girl who is in process. A writer first & always. An adventurer. A reader. Oh, a reader. A blogger, too. I love: Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey, but many other fandoms too. It's no coincidence my first fanfic was titled "Grace." Grace is how I keep on going. Grace is what gets me through. I want this to be a blog of grace (& of course, fun). I'm a sucker for good looking men with accents. Once, I moved across the country without knowing a soul. Please feel free to pop in & say hello. Let's be friends. We'll have a lattè–did I mention though born & bred in the states, I'm Italian & the food, the language, the culture are pure joys to me? We'll have our lattès & talk–writing, books, adventures, how beautifully messy life can be, you name it. xx, LDI

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I promise I will finish A Girl You Knew. That said, as some of you know, the last nine months have held more transitions and stress packed all together than I ever expected. Just when I thought things would calm these last two weeks, another crisis took place. Please know that I am sorry. While we all know fanfic cannot be our first priority, I do take my commitment to my readers seriously. I haven’t even been on here in months. That said, I love you.


Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.

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It’s coming

I promise I wasn’t lying. I had to skim parts of Grace for continuity and realized I kind of had to change the premise. Good news is it won’t be a one shot?

Since They changed Philosopher’s Stone to Sorcerer’s Stone for America, I decided to change the rest since us American’s are too dumb to understand the word philosopher:




Harry Potter and The Whisper Snake Place

Harry Potter and That Mean Jail Man

Harry Potter and The Hot Cup

Harry Potter and The Bird Club

Harry Potter and The Guy With Only Some Blood

Harry Potter and Death 

it all makes sense now

I’m crying.

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I only want this with you.

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Anonymous asked: I wish I could believe in God like you do.

I am not sure how to answer this but I so wish we could sit across from one another and have a latte and just talk. One thing I think we can agree on is that everyone has a story; I have one and you do as well. I think listening is just as important as speaking. Though your message wasn’t a question (and I could be wrong), I feel like you are asking me something all the same: how do I believe in God? why do I believe in God?

It’s also been experience that whenever someone says something like you wrote, they are in deeply wounded or in pain. I can relate…I too have been deeply wounded and in pain.

Is God a comfort to me? Yes. I grew up in a home that went to church on Sundays; it was very much a part of our identity and culture. I always believed in God but it was never very personal. I mostly felt like God was watching me and pretty bummed out with all the mistakes he had made in making me. I remember feeling that way since I was very little.

In high school, I was going through a really hard time because of a few different things (I’m sure you can understand why I cannot go into details here but if you message me through an account, we could talk).  God literally reached into my life and saved it. I’m not even speaking from a christian pov but quite literally.

From then on, my relationship became personal. He wasn’t disapproving of the “mistake” he made. He loved me. He had a plan for me. He knew the numbers of hairs on my head. I figured if he knew me so well and loved me enough to sacrifice his son, he was worth getting to know.

Since I decided to get to know him I wish I could tell you: oh yeah, life’s been totally fantastic. I would be the biggest liar. Life actually blew up pretty fantastically in my face a couple of different times–be it with my family, my health, or other major issues. Sometimes I’ve been angry at him but because of that moment in high school (when he literally saved my life and and again, I’m not speaking in terms of Christianity. I do mean literally) I’ve continued to believe (I prefer to say that I have a relationship with him)…so I continued to have a relationship with God. Oh, man. We wrestled over a lot of things. I struggled so often to trust him. But I kept going back to that moment from high school.

That moment included this bit I can share: I read the verse: “When I’m afraid, I put my trust in You.” (Psalm 56:3) and I realized the disastrous things I was doing were out of fear. It was almost like I threw a gauntlet at God: okay, so supposedly I can trust you? we can try it your way for awhile and you can prove it. Otherwise, I’m out.
Based on your message, it sounds like you know me pretty well, whether you’ve read my stories, followed me on tumblr, or know my blog (I wouldn’t be surprised if we were friends and you wanted to remain anonymous), because I am very careful in what I share about myself as “LDI.” But you know enough to know that God is very real part of my every day life. He is the most important thing in my life, actually. Though I constantly try to satisfy myself with other things when I know that the true satisfaction I am searching for is found with Him.
Writing this may be the most I have ever shared here but as soon as I saw your message…I could not ignore it because as I said, it’s my experience that when people have said things like this to me in the past they are in major pain and my heart couldn’t take the person in me sacrificing what I believe and the pain you may be in for my fanfic writer alter ego. Whether you believe in God or not, I am praying for you and I am confident that He knows you and loves you and has a plan for you.
Please message me if you want to talk more.

cacophonyofabsurdities replied to your post “Officially”

Glad things are settled for you, welcome back! :)

Thanks! But I think settled is wayyyyyyyyy too strong of a word for the situation. Consider me dipping my toes in again. Life is still very, very, very, very full and unsettled. A lot of things need to fall into place.

Coming soon…as in imminently…as in I have to proofread it but it’s too late at night so it has to be done tomorrow.

Coming soon…as in imminently…as in I have to proofread it but it’s too late at night so it has to be done tomorrow.